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360° photo a video

360° Photos and videos are simply awesome! Catch the wave of modern content
with 360-degree videos and photos from the concert, event, wedding or party.

product description

360 ° photos are simply amazing! Catch the wave of modern content and fit your website or Facebook page with 360 ​​° photographs from the concert, event, wedding or party. Likewise, we also offer a 360-degree 3D inspection areas. We provide you with the complete creation of 360 degree photography, post-production and the possible insertion of your photos on the website.

Design and production of a 360-degree video that leave an impression! Use of 360 degree video is endless - product video, advertising, concert, event, wedding, or visit holiday destination.

use of the product

Development projects: Give your customers the opportunity to walk around even non-existent areas. We will create a 3D model and with the help of virtual reality transfer people at the time.

Events: We'll make recording of your event in a video or photo with 360º.

Exhibitions, fairs: Tighten the attention of visitors of the exhibition to capture people at it more than others. To create your own content about your company or products in virtual reality. Visitors will have completely different experience with your presentation.

Web sites and social sites: Present Your bussiness place, company, product or event with modern approach and bring your potentional buyers to your place.

Real estate: Manage virtual tour of your premises for sale.


We create 360 ° video and photography. Produced images can be used on the website, social networks, or their insertion into the virtual reality can ingest the live presentation.

We are the direct manufacturer of software and you are able to create their own virtual reality content. Participants then receive option checks your company or product directly in virtual reality.

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