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virtual animations

Unprecedented show at which you can move around prehistoric dinosaurs,
polar bear, or an alien.

product description

Imagine that on a large LED screen you see yourself as in a mirror and what’s going on around you is a story. You can be a part of a storm and around you will be lightning, yet you stay dry and not life-threatened. But when the picture connects the sound from the speakers and the wind blows from the fan, then you‘ll start to worry. At the same time what can enter into action is a prehistoric dinosaur and aliens.


  • Shopping centers: Attract customers in an exceptional and unknown way.
  • Exhibitions, fairs: Tighten the attention of visitors of the exhibition to capture people at it more than others.
  • Events: Your party will be unique, original and all participants will talk about it.



We are the direct manufacturer of the software and offer it for sale and rent. We will provide installation, service and consultancy in the selection of projector and areas, modify predefined effects, or create entirely new according to your wishes.

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