iPro - interaktívne projekcie


projection foil

The foil, on which the projection from the projector
captures an image with the response to touch or movement.

product description

Space intended for presentation of products and current events (interpretation) is usually small. Nevertheless, to interpret the service, inform the customer about the current offer and attract customers inside. You no longer have to constantly apply stickers or costly dress a dummy. You can interpret themselves quickly and easily changed using another company's presentation and thus easily change the design interpretation. With our technology is not only necessary to have a standard 4: 3 or 16: 9! The screen in the form of figurines, teapots, sofas, company logo or other shape is no longer a problem.


  • A simple change of design interpretation
  • Projection on the glass.
  • No need to constantly apply stickers or costly dress a dummy
  • Formability screen
  • With our technology, you do not just stick to standard formats
  • Transmits light inside shops
  • Low operating costs compared with screens
  • Easy maintenance



We are the direct manufacturer of the software and offer it for sale and rent. We will provide installation, service and consultancy in the selection of projector and areas, modify predefined effects, or create entirely new according to your wishes.

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