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virtual reality

Put yourself in the "other world". Virtual reality
creates a visual experience that makes it simulates reality.

product description

Be part of virtual reality. Get deep to the edge of your imagination and look around yourself in a virtual world that will surround you.

Enter the world of which you only dreamed. Experience virtual traveling through the mountains, a walk in the underwater world, learn to work with the space while drawing in 3D space, assemble your kitchen in your own design before ordering it. Play action games, puzzle or sports as they do not know.

Let visually, physically and mentally impress the new virtual world , filled with inspiring figures, images and sounds..

Become a part of the universe in dimensions do not recognize. Learn, educate and have fun - headset for extended virtual reality with a range of 360 ° will allow it. Experience a whole new gaming experience and be part of the best selection of virtual reality today.

Use of the product

Exhibitions: Tighten the attention of visitors of the exhibition to capture people on them more than others. To create your own content about your company or products in virtual reality. Visitors will have in your presentation completely different experience.

Events: Your party will be unique, original and all participants will talk about it.

Shopping centers: Attract customers in a exceptional and unknown way.

Online: Make your store unique and tighten customers.


We offer rental of Virtual Reality. For import, installation, training, service and operation.

We are the direct manufacturer of the software and you are able to create your own virtual reality content.

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