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Robotic show

Make your robot dance. control the real robot,
which follows the movement of your body.

product description

Robotic show consists of multiple products that are focused on robots.

Make your robot dance. The robot moves as you show him. Try to control his movements.

Control the real robot, which follows the movement of your body and throw a grenade. Control the body and his hand and throw a dummy grenade.

Robotic fight. Control a robot with your body and fight against another robot.

Virtual robot repairman. Put on glasses and using the controls in your hand you repair robot in a virtual environment.

Shoot virtual drones. Pomocou okuliarov sa dostanete do virtuálnej vesmírnej lode. Do rúk dostanete dva ovládače za pomoci ktorých budete zostrelovať drony.

Put on the costume of the virtual robot and destroy drones. Dispose of as many virtual flying drones. On the virtual screen and put the body into a virtual robot. You see flying drones and your mission is to destroy as much as possible. At the end of the game the score will show your rank. The game can contain company logos. Then each drone after the destruction can be converted into a corporate logo..

Virtual graffiti wall. Take a photograph and projection of photos after Screen projection adjust themselves apart with the help of the many templates, for example in the form of facial hair or crown.


  • Shopping centers: Great show suitable to attract customers or presentation of a product or a brand.
  • Teambuildingy: Zábavný a hravý spôsob budovania tímu.
  • Teambuilding: Fun and playful way of building teams. Exhibitions, fairs: Tighten the attention of visitors of the exhibition to capture people at such more than others.
  • Events: Games in which they can engage all participants. Our games can not only launch a mood for action, but also blood in the body and in players will leave a great feeling of shared fun.


We are the direct manufacturer of the software and offer it for sale and rent. Robotic show is rented whole but also only individual products. We will provide installation, service and advice on selecting suitable premises, modify games or create entirely new games according to your wishes.

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