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interactive area

The image is projected on the ground, or wall and responds to the movement of people.
excellent for advertising and entertainment

product description

The interactive area combines the motion of the human body with a story that takes place on it. You move, thereby changing virtual events around you. Interactive area is the entertainment and advertising medium that helps to attract and maintain people's awareness of a brand. Advert experience is deeper and more sustained, because the participants are involved in the plot and can influence themselves. Directly at the point of sale so you can play football, for example, dance waltz or play an instrument. Using the projector can transmit the image to the floor, wall or any other surface. By connecting multiple projectors, we can create different shapes or extra large area. The offered package includes software with 100 predefined effects, equipment for motion capture, computer and a projector. Effects can be easily edited. The software allows you to easily change the background (photo, video), interactive elements, speed of elements, the number of elements and etc.


  • Predajne: Urobte Vašu predajňu jedinečnou a pritiahnite nových zákazníkov.
  • Shopping centers: Attract customers with .
  • Výstavy, veľtrhy: Pritiahnite pozornosť návštevníkov výstavy a upútajte ich na dlhšie ako ostatní.
  • Eventy: Hry futbal, hokej či autíčka stopercentne oživia každý večierok


We are the direct manufacturer of the software and offer it for sale and rent. We will provide installation, service and consultancy in the selection of projector and areas, modify predefined effects, or create entirely new according to your wishes.

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